ESL Class Debate: Will Smith & The Slap Heard Round the World

If your students are anything like mine, all they want to talk about this week is the 2022 Academy Awards fiasco. This speaking activity is a mixture of debate and class discussion to look at the historical event through the context of multiple angles, featuring topics such as:

Will Smith, Chris Rock & the Slap Heard Round the World

Events staged for the camera.

How far is “too far” for a comedian

When, if ever, can violence be a solution?

Regret and what each player involved “should have done” (third conditional)

Putting yourself in someone elses shoes (second conditional)

Discussion Procedure

  1. Start off by asking your students what they already know about the event and the players involved.
  2. Introduce the players and ask what they know about their jobs and personalities.
  3. Let them watch the video (Yes, they’ve all already seen it. Yes, they want to see it again).
  4. Think – pair – share debate / discussion:
    1. Each slide has 1 or more questions to consider. Students should first discuss their opinions in small groups and afterwards have the opportunity to share their opinions with the class.
  5. There are several pages of questions and it’s not necessary to discuss them all in each class. Instead, I pick and choose the ones that I think will be most enjoyable for and within the capabilities of my (teenage) kiddos.

Works for: Students from 2 ESO to bachillerato (about 13 to 18 years old)

Material needed: Just a laptop and projector.

I hope you and your students enjoy as much as me and mine have!

Love & Light,
Erica 💙⭐


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