Canary Island Resident Discount

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Canary Island Resident Discount

What is the Canary Island Resident Discount?<a href="">Watercolor vector created by Freepik</a>

Residents of the Canary Islands (as well as the Balearic Islands and Ceuta) are eligible for a 75% discount on domestic travel between the Canary Islands and to mainland Spain.

Who is Eligible for the Island Resident Discount?

To take advantage of the domestic travel discounts, you must be registered as living in the Canary Islands via empadronamiento in the town hall.

You must also be one of the following: <a href="">Watercolor vector created by Freepik</a>

  • a Spanish national
  • an EU/EEA/ Swiss National
  • a family member of an EU national
  • a non-EU National holding a long-term residence permit

If you are an Auxiliar de Conversación from the USA or Canada,
please click here as your situation is different.

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How to Get the Canary Island Resident Discount

If you fall into one of the above categories, you’re in luck! Soon you’ll be exploring the seven wonders of the seven islands at a delightful 75% discount.

Required Documents

  • A valid, unexpired TIE (Spanish foreigner ID card)
  • Certificado de Empadronamiento (Certificate of Residence) with a Canary Islands address

Register Online

Some town halls (Las Palmas, for example) offer this service online.

las palmas ayuntamiento

  1. Check the website for your local town hall (the ayuntamiento where you did your empadronamiento) to find out if they offer the service online.
  2. If so, fill out your info and your Certificado de Viajes should be registered and ready to print. In theory you don’t need to carry this with you to travel, but I definitely recommend doing so. Better to be safe than sorry.

Register In Person

If your town hall doesn’t offer the service online, do it the old fashioned way.

  1. Make an appointment at your local town hall.
  2. Bring your TIE and Certificado de Empadronamiento.
  3. The appointment usually takes just a few minutes to process and print sobre la marcha and you’ll be out the door with the paper in hand. Some town halls charge a fee of about €3 for the document.

Please note that the document is only valid for 6 months and you will need a fresh copy after that time. The date is printed at the bottom.

Booking Discounted Travel

When searching for flights or ferries online, there will be an option on the search page for discounts. Select “Island Resident Discount” and the fares shown will already reflect the discounted rates.

In some cases – especially the first few times you book travel – you may get a pop up warning saying that you haven’t been found in the SARA database for the Resident Discount. Select “try again” and it will try up to three times to validate your residence. Your booking should go through regardless, but you’ll need to bring your proof of residency with you for check-in or risk being denied boarding.

Travelling with the Canary Island Resident Discount

To board a flight or ferry, you must bring:

  • Spanish Nationals: A valid Certificate of Residence and a Valid National Identity Card / valid passport *
  • Spanish Nationals under 14 years, without a DNI: A valid Certificate of Residence
  • EU/EEA/ Swiss Nationals: A valid Certificate of Residence and a valid National Identity Card issued by the country of origin/ valid passport. *
  • Family members of EU nationals: A valid Certificate of Residence along with the valid residence card indicating his/her status of existing EU family member. *
  • Non-EU Nationals holding a long-term residence permit: A valid Certificate of Residence along with the valid resident card indicating his/her condition of long-term resident. *

If your residence wasn’t validaded when you booked your passage, you must bring your Certificado de Viajes.

** I recommend carrying a copy of the Certificado de Viajes even if you were verified in the system. Better safe than paying triple!

What Happens if You Don’t Hold the Correct Documentation?

Travelling By Ferry

If you book travel with Armas or Fred Olsen and are found to not have the correct documentation as noted, you will need to pay the difference, including the higher prices incurred for purchasing in person on the day of travel. I’ve seen this happen to friends who were not properly registered in the system.

Travelling By Air

Several airline websites state that those unable to show the valid documents at check-in will be denied boarding. Even if you check in online, it is not uncommon to be asked to show the appropriate documents when boarding the aircraft.

I recently heard a tale of 3 friends who didn’t carry proper documentation on a Norwegian flight and had to pay in full for new seats without receiving any refund from the original booking.

Any Questions?

I’d love to hear about any issues you’ve had the the Canary Island Resident Discount in the comments below in order to better assist future readers. If you have any questions, ask away!

Happy travels,

15 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Taaffe says:

    We have our cert empadronamiento from local town hall, greed residencia card, NIE cert. got to the airport and Norwegian airlines also wanted the cert de viajes. I was under the impression these certs are no longer needed and some councils don’t even print them anymore? Really need some advice on this. My husband had to purchase a new flight costing 200 euros all because he didn’t have this cert to travel. It’s worth mentioning that we have travel with Norwegian air before and never been asked for this certificate.


    1. Erica says:

      Ugh, I’m sorry that happened to you! When you book your tickets, it should let you know if you need to bring the certificado de viajes with you, as many name are not updated in the system. Either way, I always carry a hard copy of my certificate when traveling, as well as an image of the certificate stored in my phone. It seem they’re getting quite a bit stricter now that the discounts are up to 75%. I’ve heard similar stories from people flying with Binter over the last months, so I’d be sure to bring a copy of your viaje certificate no matter who you’re traveling with.


      1. Lisa Taaffe says:

        How do I get this cert to travel? Can I get it on line or do I need to go to the town hall?


      2. Erica says:

        Depends on where you’re empadroned. You should be able to find it by googling “certificado de viajes + city you’re empadroned in”. For las palmas it’s here:


  2. Tomas Breatnsch says:

    Are residents of the islands entitled to travel discount when travelling in mainland Spain.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Erica says:

      Yup! 75% within the Canaries and on flights to the mainland 🙂


  3. Trevor smith says:

    Wife has residencia I don’t..can I get any benefits if she books travel?


    1. Erica says:

      Nope. If she´s a Spanish citizen she can pass her rights to you, but residents (permanent or temporary) can´t pass their rights along. Sorry!


  4. David maddox says:

    I have my residencia green card. I have tried to get the discount travel document online. But I says that there is ne person registered with the NIF I have had my nif/ nie for 18yr and never had any problems with nie to obtain anything. How can I register for the travel discount


    1. Erica says:

      Have you done the empadronamiento? In order to obtain the certificado de viajes you must have both a valid NIE and a valid, unexpired certificado de padron. You must g to the ayuntamiento and do this in person with your NIE, a photocopy of your NIE and the contract for your flat proving that you live here. You usually need an appointment to do this, which you can book online on the website of your local townhall (ayuntamiento).


  5. mateo says:

    If I have the certificate already but I’m resident on fuerteventura can I get discount on ferry in beleares? And the flight to beleares as well?


    1. Erica says:

      Hi Mateo! To my understanding, the discont to the Baleares would work ONLY if you book the flight from the Canaries to the Baleares. You can´t fly from the mainland to the Baleares with the discount.


  6. mateo says:

    If I have the certificate already but I’m resident on fuerteventura can I get discount on ferry in beleares? And the flight to beleares as well?


    1. Erica says:

      Hi Mateo, I´ve never tried, but to my understanding you are not eligible for discounted ferry travel in the Baleares. I do, however, believe you should be able to fly to the Baleares using the discount as technically it´s valid from the Canaries to any domestic destination within Spain. Would love to hear how it goes if you´re going to give it a try!


  7. Garry Sheen says:

    Hi Erica. Many thanks for all of this very useful info. We aren’t living in the Canarias, yet, but are seriously considering it! We currently live on mainland Spain. A question!: As the UK is very likely leaving the EU, it’s likely we’ll be known as ‘non- EU nationals’, in the foreseeable future. You’ve stated that travel discounts will be issued if being on the padron AND “non-EU National holding a long-term residence permit…” are you referring to the normal green residencia card, or is this the ‘new’ 5-year residency card? Also, do you know whether the period of having residency in mainland Spain, can be counted towards Canarian residency? I.e. we currently have 3 years residency, here (4 years on padron). Would really appreciate any info/advice you’re able to offer. Many thanks!!


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