Ruta Playa Viva Live Music in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

GuanartemeRuta Playa Viva
Live Music in Las Palmas

To your right, the smell of the sea as the waves hit the sand. A cocktail in your hand, an ocean breeze and live music floating all around you.

It’s the weekend in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s vibrant barrio Guanarteme and Las Canteras beach, and that means the amps are turned up and the passersby are tuned in for the weekly musical offerings of the  Ruta Playa Viva.

Guanarteme is the neighbourhood at the end of  Las Canteras Beach, characterized by the surfing zone of La Cicer and the imposing Auditorio Alfredo Kraus. In recent years, Guanarteme has transitioned into one of the hippest neighbourhoods in Las Palmas for hippies, hipsters and everyone in between; complete with nearly a dozen surf schools, plenty of bars and cafés to grab a bite or a craft brew and no shortage of funky shops and tattoo salons.

La Ruta Playa Viva has been going strong here for nearly a decade and is as much a part of the barrio as the barrel waves and black volcanic sand of Playa La Cicer. Launched by Tiramisu and La Guarida de Blues, several more establishments have joined in on the fun, offering music and culture on the streets of Las Palmas. And it´s free.

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Friday Night Vibes at La Ruta Playa Viva

La Rosa Terraza in Plazoleta Farray

Every Friday the terraces at Plazoleta Farray fill up in anticipation of live tunes to set off the weekend. Caña glasses clink and gintonics fizzle as friends gather to shake off the week and welcome the weekend.

Set back three streets from the Las Canteras coast, the plaza is protected from wind, making it it ideal even during the chillier winter months. The music in Plaza Farray is hosted by La Rosa Terraza, but the stage is set up right in the center, making the melodies accessible from any of Plaza Farray’s many terraces.

The music at Plaza Farray usually starts at about 21:00 and tends to feature jazz, blues or flamenco fusion artists. Many people stick around Plazoleta Farray long after the band packs up, but for those who are looking to shake their groove thangs, there’s always…

La Guarida de Blues

La Guarida de Blues prides themselves as pure rock & roll. The bar is set up beneath the Hotel EXE and hosts live bands several nights a week and always on Friday and Saturday, usually from about 22:00.

While the all black, fully soundproofed establishment can be a bit too hot and crowded for many, La Guarida is known for hosting incredible bands and featuring anything from Spanish rock, classic rock, Cuban hits and occasionally hard rock.  And if that’s not enough for you…

Sala Nasdaq

If you’re into after-hours, mosey on down to Plaza de la Musica, where there’s always something going on until the wee hours. Sala Nasdaq hosts rock bands and usually gets started after 23:00 and goes until late. Just follow the crowds heading behind the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus and join the after party.

Saturday Sounds at La Ruta Playa Viva

NYC Taxi

Sadly, new government ordinances hassles have forced the iconic NYC Taxi to cancel their concerts along the Las Canteras promenade until further notice. Apparently the city has decided that the overflow crowds that stand to watch the music once the terrace is full are a nuisance. That´s right, culture and a healthy economy are a nuisance 🙄. 
Sign this petition to save the tunes and bring music back to NYC Taxi!

On the promenade just beside the sea of Las Canteras beach, Saturday’s Ruta Playa Viva gets started at the iconic NYC Taxi.

Inside, the rock & roll burger bar is decorated with vintage photos of Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, and outside it’s blessed with front line views of Playa La Cicer.

The outside tables fill up fast – usually from the late afternoon – but you can order a “take away” caña in a plastic cup at the door and dance the night away on the paseo.

NYC Taxi hosts rock groups and tends to get started around 20:00. Afterwards, the crowd heads over to…

Tiramisu (21:00)

Tiramisu is one of my personal favourite bars in the barrio, and is a short walk from NYC Taxi.

Located on a side street off of Guanarteme’s Plaza de Pilar, Tiramisu has a few outdoor table that fill up fast and plenty of space for dancing – which, let’s be honest, is what you really should be doing.

The tunes at Tiramisu tend to be pretty eclectic and anything goes, from funk to rock, world music and drum crews to classic covers, Tiramisu draws a fun, free-spirited crowd who come to shake their booties and have a good time. Afterwards, take a stroll toward…

Mumbai Sunset (22:00)

As the music fades in Plaza de Pilar, the crowd makes their way down to Mumbai Sunset, arguably the trendiest spot in town with comfy indoor lounge seats, tons of terrace space and a grassy patch where latecomers can grab a seat and catch the tunes.

All that with the ocean breeze drifting in from the sea and the lights of the Auditorium Alfredo Kraus – one of the cities most recognisable monuments – in the background.

Mumbai showcases an eclectic mix of musicians from lounge to flamenco to DJs, usually starting from around 22:00. It´s a place to see and be seen, though the new, stricter city ordinances mean that you´re more likely to catch a DJ than live tunes these days.

La Guarida de Blues

Remember La Guarida from last night? They’re back at it again tonight!

If you’re not up for lounging the night away at Mumbai Sunset once the band unplugs, head back over to La Guarida to rock til you drop. Or you can always head back over to…

Sala Nazdaq (23:30)

The afterparty in Plaza de la Musica is back in full effect on Saturday. If you can make it until the speakers go silent on Sunday morning, congrats! You´ve officially accomplished the mission Ruta Playa Viva. Til next weekend that is 😉.

Live Music in Las Palmas´ Las Canteras

As if that wasn´t enough, there are plenty more bars and restaurants around Las Canteras that offer live music on a regular basis. Here are some of my favourites:

Mercado del Puerto

Mercado del Puerto is located at the opposite end of Las Canteras beach in La Puntilla and is a perfect spot for meeting friends, tasting tapas and enjoying the live music on offer.

Renovated within an old fish market at the Las Palmas port, the Mercado del Puerto is now a stylish food court full of small food and drink stalls that serve everything from sushi and Greek pastries to craft beers and cocktails. There´s definitely something for everyone here!

The Mercado del Puerto hosts live music every Thursday at 20:30 and Saturday at 20:00.

Isleta Sunset at Clipper La Puntilla

Every Sunday at golden hour as the sun starts it´s decent into the sea, Clipper Italian restaurant in La Puntilla hosts live music to bid farewell to the weekend in style. The music is organised by Fabrica La Isleta – a local institution – and features everything from latin rhythms, singer songwriters, blues, jazz and more.

Isleta Sunset takes place every Sunday as the sun begins to set (about 20:00 in summer and 17:30 in winter).

El Tendedero de Catalina

This hip rooftop bar above Bed & Chic Boutique Hotel is all the hype in Parque Santa Catalina and definitely a place to see, be seen and clink (gin & tonic) glasses with the beautiful people of Las Palmas.

Live music is held sporadically at this venue either upstairs at El Tendedero rooftop bar or downstairs in the the plaza at the Bed & Chic bar.

La Tasca de Lúa

Every Thursday, La Tasca de Lúa brings live music to Calle Ruiz de Alba where guests can enjoy dinner to the tune of acoustic violin, Spanish guitar and more.

Casa Fataga

Right in the heart of Parque Santa Catalina, Casa Fataga serves up live music alongside papas arrugadas, queso asado and other Canarian delights most Fridays at 21:00.

Housed in a charming, traditional Canarian casa designed by Nestor del Torre in the 1920s, Casa Fataga is a perfect spot for a date night to impress, especially on Friday nights accompanied by live acoustic music.

Motown Bar Cervezeria

Motown is a cozy spot located just off of Plaza Farray, complete with an open mic night, live music once or twice a week, darts and inexpensive drinks.

Live Music: Fridays & Saturdays at 22:00
Open Mic Night: Thursdays at 21:00

Live Music in Las Canteras

What are some of your favourite spots for catching live tunes in the city? I´d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Curious about what else is going on in Las Palmas? Click here for a full calendar of this month´s live music events, please click here.

And as always, don´t forget to get lost out there!

Erica ✌️💚


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  1. Candy says:

    There is so much to see and do! When I first read your favorite bar “Tiramisu” I thought it was a dessert shop at first because Tiramisu is my all-time favorite dessert. Nice to hear there is plenty of dancing space 🙂


  2. Yukti says:

    Ruta Playa Viva looks so lively and beautiful to attend!! Mumbai Sunset looks amazing, love those comfy indoor lounges.


  3. Wow! Ruta Playa Viva has so much going on. I would love to watch the sunset at Clipper La Puntilla. Tiramisu sounds like a fun option as well, especially since they have space for dancing.


  4. Amber says:

    I love this post almost as much as I love live music. This is such a helpful post for those visiting Gran Canaria. Listening to live music while looking at the sea from the rooftop bar.


  5. I think you might just have described our perfect weekend. We’ve been to so many places in search of the best gigs, and a lot of them have been the really unexpected ones. Madrid was pretty good for that, as was Clarksdale, Mississippi. But I hear you entirely about places being subject to increasing restrictions, and it’s so sad. Here’s hoping that NYCTaxi finds a way forward.


  6. Melody Pittman says:

    What a fantastic music festival! Bonus, you get to do it on the sand. We have many similiar festivities in Florida where I live but not on quite the fun level as this would be. I’d love to see and hear the artitsts, especially the flamenco ones. La Ruta Playa Viva sounds awesome and you did a great job covering it.


  7. Nic Hilditch-Short says:

    Sipping cocktails whilst listening to great music, surrounded by amazing people and incredible views. You just can’t beat that at all! I really would love to attend this festival!


  8. We are obsessed with live music. So this post speaks to our souls. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria looks and sounds like it would be a place that suits the friends really well.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep travel blogging. Adventure is better shared with friends!


  9. Sartenada says:


    Great post. We had also live music in Las Palmas:

    Have a good day!


  10. Juliette S says:

    Wow there’s so much going on! I feel like I’d need to prepare well for a night out like this! I love the opening description in your story here – I was instantly there hearing the music and seeing the beach. La Ruta Playa Viva sounds so much fun and a way to feel truly alive! Best to bring good shoes to dance the night away…


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