ESL Games: Current Events Trivia

Current Events Triviain the ESL Classroom

Current Events Trivia
for the ESL Classroom

After a couple of years being spread too thin throughout secondary and primary classrooms, I’m finally back in my area of expertise: teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to high school and secondary students in Spain.

Thank you, jeebus.

To be fair I’m pretty easy going and can have fun with the kiddos no matter the age, but  let’s just say talking about colors and daily routines with little cuties with their fingers up their noses all day every day wasn’t exactly mentally stimulating for me. (Adorable, yes. Mentally stimulating, not so much.)

When it comes to language learning, my main philosophy is that language is meant for communication above all else. Not to take an exam, not to demand perfect grammar at all times and definitely not to practice the present simple vs. the present continuous every single year forever and ever, amen.

Language is for communication.

Which is why I always try to keep my classes relevant, interesting and tailored to the students of any particular group.

I start off every class with small talk about what they did over the weekend and if they’ve seen X sports match, Y new flick in the cinema or Z on the nightly news. It keeps the classroom relaxed and casual and inspires them to search for vocabulary they don’t typically use at school.

This year, I’ve been blessed by a bunch of teens who take an active interest in world news and happenings, so I’ve decided to do a roundup of current events trivia  at the end of each month to test their memories and encourage discussions about what’s going on on this big blue dot we inhabit.

The October roundup was a big hit, so you’ll definitely find future editions at the end of each month. Enjoy!

2018 Current Events Trivia

Current Events Trivia October 2018

October 2018 Current Events Trivia

⚾ Who competed in and won the World Series?
⚰️What’s the drama surrounding the remains of Spain’s deceased former dictator?
👯 What 90’s girl band is reuniting for a comeback tour?

Test your students’ knowledge about all the latest current events – from pop to political and sports to celeb gossip!

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November 2018 Current Events Trivia

photo of pumpkins
Photo by Pixabay on

🌊 Who were the big winners of the 2018 midterm elections in the USA?
💑What celebrities are getting hitched and ditched?
🦃 Why are the Americans gobbling down all the turkey?

November 2018 Current Events trivia will be posted soon! Subscribe below to be sure not to miss it 😉

And until then, check out these other November posts:

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Love & light and sunny vibes from the Canaries,
Erica ✌️💚


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