Christmas in Gran Canaria

Christmas in Gran Canaria

Las Canteras Christmas sand sculpture 3

While most of the northern hemisphere is dreaming of a white Christmas, you´re talking to a California-raised, Canary Island transplant (via Cambodia and the Caribbean).

I don´t do cold.

So while the rest of the world may be content to cuddle up in cable knit sweaters and sip hot chocolate as the first snow falls, you can find me on the Las Canteras coastline, soaking up the sun and the salty sea air.

This will be my seventh Christmas in Spain, and over the years I´ve been lucky enough to sing feliz Navidad and ring in the New Year in incredible cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and Tenerife, but I must say that there´s something special about the holidays in Gran Canaria (not least because it´s usualy warm enough to hit the beach on the big day).

From the world´s biggest nativity scene sand sculpture to the three wise men disembarking at the port in Las Palmas after their long journey across the Atlantic, Christmas in Gran Canaria is truly a unique experience. And don´t forget to check out this full calendar of events going down in December 2018 in Gran Canaria.

1. Nativity Scene Sand Sculpture in Las Canteras
Belen de arena de Las Canteras

Las Canteras Sand Sculpture Nativity Scene 2

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria boasts the biggest sand sculpture belén (nativity scene) in the world, and it’s definitely worth a look! The elaborate nativity scene is built up and embellished at the north end of Las Canteras beach in La Puntilla and is impossible to miss.

The nativity scene sand sculpture is designed and maintained every year by a team of international artists from Turkey, Belgium, Italy and more. Entry is free, but donations are accepted at the exit and later put toward food banks to keep bellies of the less fortunate full over the holidays, so don´t be a Grinch on your way out!

Las Canteras Sand Sculpture Nativity Scene

In 2018, the innauguration will be on December 1 and you can come see the nativity scene from then until  Three Kings Day on January 6ᵗʰ.

To avoid crowds and take it all in without the rush, try to visit in the morning or on a weekday. Crowds increase the closer it gets to Christmas.

2. Christmas Carols, Folk Dances & Ranchos de Pascua

Christmas carols in the Canary Islands mean plenty of tambourines, timples and of course, locals donning traditional Canary dress.

Baile de Magos Canary Islands

For nearly 500 years, local village musical troupes have come together to sing Christmas carols (villancicos) and Ranchos de Pascau (similar to the ranchos de animas that you may have heard during the Noche de Finaos celebrations in October). The troupes gather together in churches, restaurants, plazas and processions, often collecting money to be donated toward local charities.

Some towns also host folk dances to celebrate the season. The most well-known in Gran Canaria is the Baile de la Cunita at the church in the lovely village of Santa María de Guía in northern Gran Canaria, where couples dance around a small cradle on Christmas day.

This Christmas season will also see the Museo Castilla la Mata in Vegueta hosting a series of jazz concerts and a Christmas carol competition. Parque Doramas in Ciudad Jardín (Las Palmas) will alos be hosting traditional Canarian music from some of the most well known folk musicians on the island – dates and details here.

3. Christmas Markets
Mercadillos navideños

Christmas markets are a fixture of towns and cities throughout Europe. While Gran Canaria may not boast quite the same gorgeous glühwein-fueled markets as in Germany or other northern European destinations, we still have our fair share of charming Christmas craft fairs and markets to enjoy gift shopping and soak up Christmas cheer.

Christmas Markets

While new ones are popping up throughout the island every year, here are a few that are already set in stone for Christmas 2018:

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Parque Santa Catalina: The biggest artisanal Christmas market in the Canary Islands will be hosted from December 5-9, 2018 near Parque Santa Catalina just behind the Museo Elder.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Ciudad Jardín will be selling sweets and treats, books and knick knacks, handcrafted items and more. They´ll also provide light snacks and refreshments and a nice chat (December 1, 2018).

Associación Atlas Azotea Market is a co-op that combines a hostel with events like concerts and documentary screenings on their rooftop in La Isleta. For a more alternative market, head upstairs and help support local artisans at the market on their rooftop terrace (December 22, 2018).

Parque San Telmo: official 2018 date TBA

selective focus photography of baked pastries
Photo by Keith Lang on

Gran Canaria North

Christmas Market in Moya: December 7-8, 2018

Gran Canaria South

Christmas Market Playa del Inglés: Hotel Maritim Playa, every weekend of December

Maspalomas Costa Canaria Market: official 2018 date TBA

Playa de Mogán Christmas Market: official 2018 date TBA

4. Nativity Scenes in Gran Canaria
Belenes en Gran Canaria

As in the rest of Spain, nativity scenes play a big part in terms of Christmas traditions. Aside from the enormous sand sculpture in Las Canteras, you can find a belén in almost every Canarian home, as well as in the churches and in many parks, plazas and even shopping centers.

Nativity Scene. Belen

Some towns and villages even organize live nativity scenes (belenes vivientes), where life-sized props and scenery are set up and people dress up in biblical costumes to represent Jesus´ birth in Bethlehem. You can find live nativity scenes in Veneguera, San Bartolomé de Tirajana and San Mateo.

Other towns and villages are known for their intricately carved nativity miniatures, like the lovely elaborate scene in Arucas Parque Municipal.

5. Christmas Cuisine in Gran Canaria

Like the rest of Spain, seafood plays a big role in Canarian Christmas celebrations. Local delights like cherne (white fish), lapas and langostinas (prawns) can be found on many Canarian tables, as well as carnivorous Canarian specialties like rabbit and baby goat meat. Here you can find a run down of all the Canarian specialties you might expect to taste at Christmastime.

sama WM new

Christmas dinner is celebrated on Christmas Eve (December 24ᵗʰ) and another elaborate meal in served on Three King´s Day (January 6ᵗʰ). If you´re invited to share Christmas dinner with a Canarian family, you can expect a late night. More traditional families may head to misa de gallo (midnight mass) after the meal, while the majority of families will be up until the wee hours sipping champagne, honey rum or liquor de anís over a few laughs at home. Many of the 20 and 30-somethings may even head out to dance away the extra Christmas kilos at venues like Chester, Tao and Azotea de Benito.

As in the rest of Spain (and the world!) sweets play an important role throughout the holiday season. The usual turrón and polvorónes can be found at every market, home and Christmas party, but the island´s specialty are truchas. This tasty treat is made from puffed pastry stuffed with cinnamony sweet potatoes or pumpkin and baked to crunchy, puffy, perfect perfection. Truchas are often served warm and drizzled with miel de palma alongside hot chocolate or something stronger, like anís.

If you´re here on holiday with no hope for a local Christmas invite, be sure to make reservations for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and 3 King´s Day meals sooner than later, as most restaurants will be closed and tables at the few that remain open will fill up fast.

6. 3 King´s Parade & 3 King´s Day
Los Reyes Magos Cabalgata

If you’ve ever celebrated Christmas in Spain, you know that as far as gifts are concerned, Christmas is nothing compared to Three King’s Day on January 6ᵗʰ.

Día de los Reyes - 3 King's Day in Spain

While Santa Claus has become an ever more common fixture of Christmas over recent years, tradition maintains that the biggest and best Christmas surprises are delivered by the three wise men on the 6ᵗʰ of January, travelling all the way from Bethlehem.

Like most Spanish cities, Las Palmas hosts an annual parade in honor of the tres magos, and lucky for us (or them?) they don’t have to travel as far from Africa to get here. The day before gifts are given, the 3 kings arrive at the port of Las Palmas by boat and parade through the city along with their camels.

Children eagerly push to the front of the line to catch a glimpse of their favorite wise man and to collect the sweets being tossed from the procession. Spirits are high and the children´s excitement is palpable as the holiday season builds up to it´s climax on the 6ᵗʰ of January as hover boards, Play Stations and mobile phones are delivered to eager (and somewhat spoilt) hands.

person in santa suit riding yellow cruiser motorcycle
Photo by Igor Starkov on

In Las Palmas, the Janaury 5ᵗʰ festivities begin in and around Parque Santa Catalina from about 10:30 am, where children will be delighted by magicians, clowns and plenty of candy. The Three Wise Men are scheduled to arrive by boat around 11:30, but the procession doesn´t start until about 17:00, right before the sun starts to set and the wise men get ready to make their nocturnal deliveries.

What´s your favorite part about Christmas in the Canaries?

For me, it´s the sunshine, the sweets and the champagne. What´s your favorite part about Christmas in the Canary Islands? Have you celebrated in Gran Canaria, or in any of the other islands? What about in mainland Spain?

I´d love to here about your experiences! In the meantime, you can find out more about Spanish Christmas traditions and celebrations here. Hapy holidays, and of course, Feliz Navidad!

Seasons Greetings,
Erica 🎄✨💙


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  1. April Wren says:

    I spent New Year in Tenerife one year. We stayed in Los Gigantes and saw the Three kings celebration. It was very nice.


    1. Erica says:

      Los Gigantes is one of my favorite parts of Tenerife! Did you hike out or take a boat to Masca or any of the private, hidden beaches?


      1. April Wren says:

        We did the masca walk. But walked down and back up in one day. And we always hire a car and explore. We do love visiting the Canaries. The only island we haven’t done yet it El Hierro.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Erica says:

        They´re all so different, it really is worth checking them all out! El Hierro is beautiful, and it´s incredible how few people you come across there. One day we drove across the island from north to south and didn´t see a single other car on the road!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. April Wren says:

    We love La Palma to. Its a beautiful island and we enjoyed the walk we did to the coloured waterfall. How is the weather in Gran Canaria as I see that Tenerife has been hit bad by a storm?


  3. My parents always talk about their time in Spain enjoying Christmas on the beach when they lived there and I have always wanted to experience the sun in December. I love those sand sculptures on the beach and as long as you are surrounded by friends and family – everywhere feels like Christmas! Feliz Navidad!


  4. it is always good to hear about Christmas celebrations carrying on past the actual date of December 25th – not so much in the U.S.

    Truchas sound good. Are they shaped like fish? Sign us up for rabbit and baby goat dishes!


  5. cynthiagraner says:

    I love the idea of a sunny Christmas and would definitely seek out the Nativity sand sculpture. That plus a fresh fish dinner would make for a perfect Christmas sea-son!


  6. Alice Ford says:

    Oh my gosh how cool. I just spent three weeks in the Canary Islands and it is so amazing. Those sand creations are the best and I just love that they transported them into Christmas characters. What a fun place to spend the holidays.


    1. Erica says:

      You planned your visit well, as much as I love Christmas here, late summer/early autumn is my favorite time on the islands. The weather is just right and it’s low season for tourism!


  7. Melody says:

    I may need to change my lifelong dream of visiting the Christmas markets in Germany and Austria to include the beautiful Canary Islands items you have featured here. Nice!


    1. Erica says:

      Absolutely! Both are definitely worth visiting, but here you can hit the beach afterwords 😉


  8. Wow! Never thought of sand sculptures for Christmas. 7 years of Christmas in Spain! Lucky you! Truchas sound yummy. I love anything with cinnamon in it!


    1. Erica says:

      Nativity scene sculptures in the sand and Christmas lights in the palm trees, that’s how we do Christmas around here! 😉


  9. Punita says:

    I like the way you said “I don’t do cold” 🙂 🙂 No wonder Christmas in Gran Canaria is your top choice. Would love to go see all that you describe in this post. The sand sculptures are pure magic.


    1. Erica says:

      What can I say, I’m a summer child 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Yukti says:

    Christmas in Gran Canaria looks fun, especially with those sand sculptures. I would love to see those King’s Parade as it looks interesting. Thanks for sharing details about all festivities.


    1. Erica says:

      The King’s parade is a blast and the sand sculptures are so incredibly ornate! You’d love it 🙂


  11. Joanne says:

    I don’t do cold either yet, here I am, mid November with the temperature at -20. Sigh. I’m longing for your type of holidays. The sand castles are absolutely amazing! I love how we all have holiday food, nativity scenes and markets but they all differ so much from each other.


    1. Erica says:

      -20! Man that makes me cold just thinking about it!! Where are you at the moment?


  12. My family lives in Tenerife. The Canary Islands is a great place to spend the holidays. You can spend the day at the beach and drive to another location on the island and it’s snowing. I’m glad you had a fabulous time.


  13. International sand sculpting exhibit – sign me up. Christmas on Gran Canaria seems like a special time of year. I love how the preserved the older traditions, like the wise men, instead of going along with the corporate mainstream.


  14. Samantha Karen says:

    This looks so lovely! I’ve never experienced a warm Christmas but Grand Canaria looks like the perfect place to do so! Tropics, sun, and heat, would be an interesting experience.


  15. Sage Scott says:

    Although I live in a place likely to have snow at Christmastime, I absolutely HATE the cold. Thanks for letting me tag along to celebrate the holidays in the sand and surf with you in the gorgeous Canary Islands!


  16. uoprincess says:

    I really do love nativity scenes and love the idea of seeing one made out of sand! Pretty unique!


  17. Amy says:

    Coming from Canada, I have had my share of white Christmas’ cuddled up indoors! But we have spent a few now in warmer temps, and I am all for celebrating a sandy season! This looks like it would be a perfect experience for our family, the kids would love Gran Canaria! We’ve been contemplating a warm Christmas for next year, this may just be perfect!


  18. Astrid Vinje says:

    Christmas in Gran Canaria looks like so much fun! We did Christmas in Mexico last year and really enjoyed it. And this year we’ll be on a Christian island in Indonesia, called Flores.


  19. Lara Dunning says:

    Since I live in Western Washington our holiday season is really raining and I’d love to have a warm-weather holiday once in a while. I’d really like to hear the traditional songs and music and of course taste all the goodies at the market!


  20. Yukti says:

    Christmas in Gran Canaria looks worth celebrating as there are so many exciting things to do here. I would love to be part of Christmas markets, Christmas carols and dances.


  21. Pawel says:

    Wow! I would love to go there for Christmas celebration!


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